Resilience to face global and domestic crises

The 11th edition of 200 Largest Mines in Brazil shows the robustness of the local mining industry in managing the global crisis at the mineral commodities market, together with the stagnation of the domestic demand

The slower expansion of China’s economy – now estimated at 7% per year in terms of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) – although still a staggering figure compared to poor rates of the industrialized countries, it continues to depress the prices of minerals and metals in the global market. On the domestic side, the downturn of the Brazilian economy did reduced the demand of raw material by the industry and construction sectors.

The new edition of 200 Largest Mines in Brazil draws a update picture of the mining industry in 35 different minerals, with essential information to serve as a source of research and consultation. This issue gathered unique information such as productivity and safety rates, investment total performed in 2014 and who make up the management team responsible for the operation. In this publication, the mines were grouped in the General Ranking, according to Production Run Of Mine (ROM) in 2014 in tonnes and also grouped by mineral, adopting the same criteria.

In the data sheets of the mines, it were also sorted by ROM production in 2014 and the mineral produced. The reader will find information on reserves, mining operation, processing, plant, investment, funds dedicated to industrial maintenance and information technology, as well certifications and the names of the professionals that make up the technical and management team. When mines are part of a complex, the detailed information is placed in the mine that has the highest ROM production. Other mines that are not part of a complex also appear as summary by decision of the companies itself. Eventually, some data were summarized due to lack of space.

This year’s edition exceeded slightly 200 mines. However, some traditional mines decided not to publish its information. The information about investment and outcome of environmental management programs, when informed by the companies, will be published throughout 2016 editions of Minérios & Minerales. Information of cost reduction that we received will be considered for possible presentation at the agenda of VIII Workshop of Cost Reduction in the Mine and Plant, which will be held in May 2016 in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State (Brazil). All information collected (text and images) are recorded in the database of the magazine and may be used in future editions. We strongly appreciate and thank the management of the 200 mines and so involved at the exclusive research carried out by magazine Minérios & Minerales.

Fonte: Revista Minérios & Minerales

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